Are you looking for poles for fiber optic lines? 
You don't know what pole you should choose?
We will show you the way, and you will decide which way you want to go.

 In order to meet the expectations of customers, ALUMAST has introduced composite teletechnical poles fot the construction of fiber optic lines as an alternative of wooden and concrete poles. Composite poles, thenks to their advantages, are perfect for this role, bringing the investor large savings.


1. Purchase - new possibilities

  • The composite teletechnical pole is empty inside - the possibility of leading cables inside it;
  • The composite does not interfere with radio waves, microwaves and others - the possibility of installing a network of transmitters inside it;
  • No yield point at which permanent deformation occurs. Exceeded apex force does not damage the column, but only a temporary deviation from the vertical;
  • Possibility of making teletechnical poles in any color or with graphics (inscriptions, e.g. street name, logo or other graphic signs, etc.);
  • The columns can be illuminated from the inside- night visibility;
  • Composite poles fit into existing pre-cast concretes;

2. Transport - savings and facilitation

One truck = approximately 300 pcs of composite teletechnical poles

  • Low weight of the composite pole- easy and quick loading and unloading without the use of heavy equipment;
  • Manual handling of poles in difficult terrain (mountainous, marshy, muddy, narrow access roads)- only with a light composite pole;

3. Installation - economy and safety

  • The composite pole assembly is performed without the use of heavy equipment and can be performed by two workers- which reduces assembly costs;
  • The assembly of composite telecommunication poles is performed from the ground position, without the use of heavy equipment - which reduces assembly costs and work safety;

4.Usage - no additional costs

  • Composite telecommunication poles are maintenance-free - they do not require painting and maintenance;
  • The replacement of the composite column and its disassembly is easy and fast - it is possible due to its weight;
  • The poles are easy to move, deliver on rough terrain;
  • The service life of composite poles is about 40 years - this is thanks to proven and certified materials used in production;

5. Disposal - no costs

  • Composite poles are 100% recyclable - environmentally friendly product;
  • after the service life, we accept composite poles for disposal - you are not looking for a solution on your own;

When choosing a teletechnical pole, pay attention to, among others on the weight of the pole - composite telecommunication poles are light - weight from 15-60 kg, which affects the time and costs associated with assembly and transport. The ecological aspect is also important - do you know what impregnated wooden telecommunication poles are?

We showed you the way with a composite pole. If you see new possibilities with our composites, we guarantee the success of your investment. The choice of our offer proves that you are open to new technologies, you are aware of the savings associated with the use of composite telecommunication poles and that environmental protection is not indifferent to you. Congratulations!